Seasons Celebrates Pastoral Care Week

21 Oct 2016, Posted by Seasons in Community

A day in the life of a Seasons Chaplain

Every day, we work together to treat our patients. Their physical pain is managed. Their psychosocial challenges are addressed. And thanks to our empowered staff of Chaplains, we work hard to ensure that our patients and their families are spiritually at peace before they die.

A day in the life of a Seasons Chaplain often includes counseling someone in spiritual distress, spending time with patients in need of prayer, or sometimes simply being present and holding a patients’ hand. While our patients and their families are not always able to express their gratitude, we as a team know that there is beauty in the simplicity of knowing that someone is there to care for your spirit.

Below you’ll find stories from two of our Chaplains, that express their #Passion.

“Having always been comfortable with the aging population, I chose to work in a hospice inpatient unit during my Chaplain Residency. This experience was very enriching and helped me to choose working as a hospice chaplain. None of us would choose death over life, but I’m learning from people how to befriend death as an inevitable reality in the experience of life.” – Stanley Samuel, Seasons Georgia

“I am privileged to have a private pilot license and for me flying is a spiritual experience.  I love being at high altitude and seeing for miles.  The mountains, the forests, the clouds.  When I see a car on a lonely highway I can look ahead and observe any obstacles that driver may be facing but is not yet aware.  I am reminded that this is how God sees our lives.  We do not know what lies ahead, but God does, and in this I find peace.” –Bruce Nelson, Seasons Arizona

During Pastoral Care Week, we are thanking every Seasons Chaplain for the incredible services they provide. Their kindness and warmth is truly a blessing.

Terry Glusko
Vice President, Supportive Care and Patient Experience