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Where You Go, I Will Go

01 Mar 2017, Posted by Seasons in Community

It was 1950 and Lester Lanin was performing his upbeat jazz tunes at Columbia University’s Homecoming Ball when Mohsen and Raquel locked eyes for the first time across the dance floor. With one glance, a spark was ignited in them that they had never felt before. After several dates featuring walks through Central Park or sipping icy cold root beer floats at the local soda shop, the Iranian scholar stole Raquel’s heart and asked her to marry him.

Raquel was raised Catholic and was very tied to her faith. When it came time for Mohsen and Raquel to get married, they could not exchange vows in the church because Mohsen was not Catholic. It was the first of many sacrifices that Raquel made to be with her one true love. After they were married, Mohsen wanted to move back to Iran. It made Rachel nervous to face such a new culture, new lands,  and an entirely new world away from her family, friends, and everything familiar to her. But her love for Mohsen won over her fears and she agreed to the move with the promise from him that if life in Iran became too hard, they could return to the United States. They stayed in Iran for several years, but the political landscape became very unstable during the Iranian Revolution and they moved back to the U.S.

Raquel and Mohsen each gave up everything they knew for each other- their own country, culture, and family.  They are a true testament to what marriage is all about – making significant sacrifices because of their devotion to each other. When Mohsen came on Seasons Hospice from late effects cerebrovascular disease, his dying wish was to give Raquel what she always wanted…a church wedding. The vow renewal ceremony was held at their home and while it was not in a church, Seasons chaplain Alan Poteet was there to read scriptures from the Bible that exemplified their life and love together.


“Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God” – Ruth 1:16.


The couple were dressed in their best and although Mohsen wasn’t able to speak, that same spark was still in his eyes from when he gazed at Raquel for the first time in that Columbia University dance hall 60 years ago. With help from the Seasons team, he was able to dance with his bride again and gave her a very long, very passionate, kiss. His beautiful wife, Raquel, well – she finally got her church wedding!