Bob’s Carpentry Legacy

22 Jan 2018, Posted by Seasons in Community

Robert E. Wilson, known as Bob to his family and friends, was a patient in our San Bernardino hospice program who reminded our staff about determination, dedication and love, even in his final hours of life.

Bob was a delightful man; both funny and sweet and so kind to everyone who cared for him. Bob worked in the trucking industry and he loved to tell our staff about the ins and outs of the “trucking world.” We’d always get a chuckle listening to his colorful stories!

Our staff loved visiting Bob. You’d rarely find him in a bad mood, and he always knew how to joke around and tease our staff in a way that would fill the entire visit with laughter. There was something special about Bob. He made us feel calm and comfortable in his home, and his kindness and generosity was something so rare and so genuine.

Shortly after signing on to hospice care with Seasons, Bob started working on a very special project for his son; a project he somehow managed to keep secret from our staff! He was so humble and kind, it came as no surprise to us that he was working on a gift for his son, but didn’t want others to know about it.

It turns out, Bob was creating a dice box for his son. This gift was meaningful for many reasons.

First, though it wasn’t his profession, Bob was a skilled carpenter who’d been doing wood work from an early age and really enjoyed working with his hands. His work was meticulous and stunning. From small boxes, to large shelves, Bob’s family knew they could count on him when they needed a handyman! This dice box was a unique challenge, as it was made out of interesting combinations of angles and assembled with no nails and no screws.

The box was also very special because Bob’s son had inherited his father’s woodworking skills and was also an avid card player. Bob knew this gift would get a lot of use!

Though Bob started working on this project early on in his time on hospice, his family told us he didn’t work on it for several months. But in what we later discovered would be the last weekend of Bob’s life, he was insistent on going outside to the garage. Bob’s family would urge him to rest but he would stubbornly go out, even in the heat of the day and work on the wooden box.

The final result was beautiful: the box was carefully crafted, painstakingly lined with felt and stained to perfection. It was finer than anything you could have purchased at a store.

Sadly, just days after completing this project, Bob went to eternal rest. His family didn’t understand his insistency to finish the project at the time, but upon reflection we now know: Bob knew his time on Earth was growing short and wanted to ensure the box was done for his son. We are so thankful that his legacy lives on.

Bob’s family held a beautiful Celebration of Life event after his death. They played his favorite music, shared favorite memories and even memorialized Bob and his wife’s wedding day by using their original cake topper on a “Celebration of Life” cake.

We were so honored to care for Bob and to be part of his legacy for his son.