Is care for patients changing?

Yes- for the better. Our teams are working to provide patients with the care and benefits that they’re entitled to that also support them as their conditions and needs change. A patient who may need home health care to begin with might later have goals of care that require a transfer to hospice. And together, Seasons and AccentCare ensure that handoff is appropriate, smooth, and free of burden for the patient and their family.

Our nearly 75 years of combined experience have taught us that every patient interaction is different – and that the only way to provide outstanding care is to do so with the best interest of the patient in mind at all times to ensure personalized care. The exceptional quality metrics of each organization validate this approach. And quality care starts with engaged caregivers who have an inspired call-to-purpose, supported by dedicated administrative teams and staff.

Will my caregiver change?

No. We know the relationships between patients and caregivers are special. Nothing will change in how, or with whom, you receive care from our dedicated teams.

Will my insurance still be accepted?

Behind the scenes we’re working to simplify and expand our partnerships with insurance providers, leading to less confusion for patients about what is covered. Current patients shouldn’t expect any changes but if some do arise, they will be clearly communicated well in advance by our local care teams.