Patient Benefits

Both AccentCare and Seasons are focused on delivering on their mission of providing exceptional care to patients across the country. AccentCare’s expertise in home health as well as PCS and hospice – and Seasons’ leadership in hospice and palliative care set the combined organization up well to elevate patient care to the next level.

As a merged entity, we are working as a single provider for all that patients and their families may need in these areas. They can leverage our complete range of offerings or select specific services as needed.

Partner Benefits

The combined organization helps to broaden access, connect the care continuum, and bridge gaps in skilled home-based care. This is already helping to ease our practice partners’ burden and simplify the complexity that comes with navigating multiple referring companies. We are now operating as a single provider to reduce the time you spend identifying referrals for your patients. And our strong quality and outcome metrics make the combined organization an ideal partner for physicians.

Team Member Benefits

The most valued resource for our organization is our employees. Now that we’ve combined, we offer even stronger support for our employees. We’re already seeing team members take advantage of transfer opportunities between branches! Our growing scale is allowing us to reinvest in our employees and offer even stronger support as they continue living out their call to purpose. We are also investing in technologies and resources that are in the best interest of our staff, partners, and patients.