Seasons Creates Lasting Memories


The True Beauty of Hospice

26 Apr 2018, Posted by Seasons in Community

When I first met Tara, instead of shaking my hand, she jumped out of her chair, a big smile on her face, and said, “Oh no, I’m a hugger!” I laughed and remarked that, considering my profession, I usually do not receive such a warm…

Always Together, Now & Forever

28 Mar 2018, Posted by Seasons in Community

Sometimes, our lives don’t go as planned. We search for the one that makes our hearts skip a beat, and when we do finally find them, there’s no hesitation; we promise them forever. Plans are made, houses are built and babies are born. Such was…

The Third Miracle

20 Mar 2018, Posted by Seasons in Community

“It’s not what I want but it’s what I got.” These were the words I heard from a resident I encountered in the courtyard of an Assisted Living Facility one evening while charting. I was waiting for traffic to subside before I began my 51…

My Time at Camp Kangaroo

14 Mar 2018, Posted by Seasons in Community

About the Author: Marco is an eleven-year old who attended Camp Kangaroo in Miami. He wrote this essay for a class after attending camp. My time at Camp Kangaroo by Marco Mezzarapa A few weeks ago, my mother told me, my brother, and my sister…

Bid Whist & Blessings

28 Feb 2018, Posted by Seasons in Community

Death and I became acquaintances at a very young age. Raised by my extraordinary, single mother, and two incredible grandparents, I’ve always been proud of my strong African American roots. While kids across the country spent their summers camping and going on road trips, I…

Finding Support At End of Life

27 Feb 2018, Posted by Seasons in Community

Sometimes when you know that the one you love is dying, there is little you can do to tear yourself away, because you want to cherish each moment you have left together. This is how it was for Yolanda, who sat at the hospital bedside…

Learning Life Lessons From A Hospice Patient

26 Jan 2018, Posted by Seasons in Community

About the Author: Lucas Smith is a volunteer with Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care in New Haven, Connecticut. Lucas is also a medical student at Quinnipiac University. His weekly visits with our patients, brings so much joy to their lives. Lucas has been visiting our…

Bob’s Carpentry Legacy

22 Jan 2018, Posted by Seasons in Community

Robert E. Wilson, known as Bob to his family and friends, was a patient in our San Bernardino hospice program who reminded our staff about determination, dedication and love, even in his final hours of life. Bob was a delightful man; both funny and sweet…

“Do You Really Think She Can Hear Me?”

09 Jan 2018, Posted by Seasons in Community

About a month ago I had the privilege of being at a patient’s bedside as she experienced a peaceful death. I am a Hospice Admissions Nurse and had been asked to admit a woman who lived in a nearby nursing home into our program. Normally these…

Man’s Best Friend at All Stages of Life

02 Jan 2018, Posted by April Dovorany in Community

They say that dog is man’s best friend, and those are words that are all too true for pet therapy team Rosemary and her pup, Sophie. From the first time we welcomed Sophie to a Seasons Hospice facility, we quickly realized that Sophie and her…

Patsy and Frederick’s New Couch

18 Dec 2017, Posted by Seasons in Community

Hospice care isn’t about just caring for our patient; it is also about caring for each individual family member who is part of our patient’s life. Often, it means we have to find creative solutions to challenges that we see and our staff lets no…

Hospice: The Gift We Never Knew We Wanted to Receive

07 Dec 2017, Posted by Seasons in Community

“She is going to die. In a couple of weeks.” Those were the words spoken to me that cold, snowy December afternoon. “What is the next step then?” I asked the doctor as I tried, unsuccessfully, to clench my jaw and fight back the tears….