At Seasons, we understand the complexities that patients with multiple chronic conditions or comorbidities can present to an insurer, accountable care organization, or managed care organization.

In hospice, we see these patients every single day, and find ways to serve them in fulfillment of our mission of Honoring Life ~ Offering Hope.

When you partner with Seasons to help care for your patients, you’ll be working with industry-leading professionals who understand how to help you manage risk while providing higher-quality outcomes. For the past 23 years, Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care has been focused on providing creative solutions for our patients, their families, and our partners in the communities we serve.

Benefits of Partnering with Seasons

  • Keep your patients out of the hospital and other costly locations, lowering burdensome transitions while providing patient-centric, holistic, high-quality care.
  • Seasons’ 24/7/365 call center is staffed with RN’s, and coupled with our Electronic Medical Record we can  triage in minutes, not days, preventing hospital admissions. Our nationally-recognized pharmacy experts are available for medication management and have advanced expertise in managing high-acuity patients with multiple chronic conditions.
  • A robust series of patient experience offerings—Music Therapy, Namaste Care, Veteran’s Programming, Leaving a Legacy programs, 13 months of Bereavement Services after death, Open Access, and support from our nonprofit Seasons Hospice Foundation.
  • Potential for data-sharing and robust reporting with local, regional, and national accountability.
  • Education for your clinical staff on hospice eligibility and benefits of hospice interdisciplinary philosophy.

We have revocations significantly below industry averages. When coupled with our robust national eligibility and compliance programs, this ensures we’re serving the right patients, meeting their needs, and keeping them out of costlier settings of care.

88% of Seasons patients who are on service for longer than 30 days sign a DNR in their first 30 days. We help support our patients and assist them in clarifying exactly what measures they want in their DNR orders and advanced directives. You will benefit from patients who are well-informed about the range of likely outcomes and have given their informed consent to not have exhaustive and often futile measures taken in the event an acute episode may bring them to a hospital or emergency setting.

97% of Seasons patients have multiple diagnoses listed on their claims versus 33% national average—this means Seasons covers the costs for these related chronic conditions as Medicare intends at a much higher rate than industry average.