At Seasons, we know that it can be hard talking with a family about hospice. According to the National Academies of Sciences landmark 2014 report, ‘…most people… do not have these [end of life] conversations.’ It’s understandable- medical professionals have often built strong bonds with patients, and they may feel like you’re ‘giving up’ on them if you discuss hospice.

However, that same study notes that “Of people who indicate end-of-life care preferences, most choose care focused on alleviating pain and suffering,” the same care for which hospice is known to excel at providing.

That’s why Seasons has an array of tools to help you as a clinician explain what hospice is and how it can provide a better end of life experience for patients who are ready to embrace a different model of care. Our hospice care consultants and clinical teams are always a phone call away as well.

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Please feel free to share or use these resources when interacting with patients and families to help explain the holistic model of care that hospice provides.