Hospice is a type of healthcare that focuses on pain and symptom management during the endoflife journey and at death. It also provides emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families. Each patient’s care is unique—hospice is personalized and provided wherever the patient is, whether that is a private residence, assisted living facility, hospital, or other location. Hospice caregivers travel to the patient and their family to provide care.  

Hospice is designed to support the patient and family. It does not attempt to cure a disease, but rather to relieve symptoms and pain in order to promote comfort and improve a patient’s quality of life. Through in-home visits, check-in calls, or care provided at our inpatient centers, our hospice team supports patients and their caregivers, whether they are family, nursing home staff, or professionals in an assisted living facility or hospital.


What Can I Expect From Hospice 

Seasons offers levels of care for every stage of the hospice journey. The patient’s clinical status and specific needs determine which level of care they qualify for, and the hospice team and patient’s attending physician help determine which level the patient will receive and where they will receive it. Patients may transition through different levels of care depending on their medical needs and where they are on their journey.  

Levels of Care

Provided by hospice team members who visit the patient and their family in their home, wherever that may be.

Through constant care, nurses and certified nursing assistants provide support in the home or facility to help manage and ease out-of-control symptoms.

Provided at one of our inpatient centers or in a hospital or skilled nursing facility for patients who have uncontrolled pain or symptoms that can’t be managed in another setting.

Up to 5 days of care at one of our inpatient centers or a contracted facility to give the family or caregiver a rest. 

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