Seasons Jewish Services


Seasons Jewish Services

Seasons Hospice understands there are many levels of religious observance. Through Seasons Jewish Hospice Services, we strive to honor the cultural values of our Jewish patients and their family members. Each member of our care team has received training and education about the full spectrum of Judaism, including its practices, laws, traditions and values.

Our care team is committed to working collaboratively to provide end-of-life care that respects Jewish values and religious practices. Seasons Jewish Hospice Services assures you and your family are able to include your Rabbi in the decision-making processes. The Seasons Hospice spiritual care team, which includes Chaplain Rabbis, are available to serve as a member of your care team. We also provide support and assistance with funeral planning, working with a variety of funeral homes and Chevra Kadisha when requested. In addition, Seasons Hospice offers bereavement services to help family members cope with the loss of their loved one.

Holocaust Survivor Care

Holocaust survivors and their loved ones have unique spiritual, cultural and psychosocial needs. Our clinicians and care teams are educated and sensitive to survivor traumas that may resurface during the end-of-life transition. Seasons Hospice caregivers also recognize the unique bonds between the generations in many Holocaust families.